Remarketing is the Google ads strategy used by many experts to connect back to people who have visited your website in the past. It is often used to promote an upcoming event or to let your existing visitor know about upcoming offers, new product lines, or ongoing discounts on specific services.

Remarketing is also used as a tool to create a strong brand image because when the same people keeping seeing your ad in their search results, it makes your brand looks strong and a major player in the industry.

While remarketing can give you a strong marketing presence, it can also fail you miserably as a brand if not targeted appropriately.

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How do remarketing ads drive results? 

When a remarketing strategy is perfectly aligned with what your customers are looking for and their intents when they first visited your website, it can amplify your marketing efforts. Remarketing campaigns work by:

  1. Giving you a chance to create experience-based incentives:
  • Based on user experience, you can specifically target remarketing ads.
  • You can send discount coupons for a customer who added something in their cart but did not proceed to checkout, or
  • You can offer more info about your services to capture the interest of people who did visit your website but have not explored it.
  1. Providing you a cost-effective solution:
  • These ads are much cheaper than PPC ads that appear on Google search results.
  1. Driving results:
  • The average click-through rate for remarketing ads is 0.7% and the conversion rate is about 70%.
  • Therefore, remarketing ads are statistically known to drive results.

Benefits of creating a remarketing campaign

The retargeting system is available on digital marketing platforms, both Google and social media, and can be a great strategy to target a specific set of audiences. The benefits of remarketing ads if done correctly are:

  • Remarketing ads on the Google Display Network have a very broad reach and can reach 90% of the internet users at any given time.
  • You get more flexibility with customization. You can personalize the ads based on the user’s previous experience, ad display on mobile apps, geographical locations, and even languages.
  • You can use Google Analytics to know why people are not making a purchase and then optimize your remarketing ads based on their age, interests, and other demographics.
  • Remarketing ads give you flexibility in using your content and graphics. This allows you to retain your brand image.
  • You only pay when your niche audience clicks on the ad making remarketing campaigns very affordable.
  • It almost provides free publicity for your brand.

Situations in which remarketing can fail you

Although remarketing ads can benefit your ongoing marketing efforts by getting more conversions for your business, there are certain situations where these ads become more of a hindrance than a benefit. Some of these scenarios are:

  • Lack of variations in the remarketing ad campaigns becomes much repeated and will be avoided by most users. This can go against your remarketing plans.
  • When the display ads are not tested on all interfaces, they can look good on one website but would appear in parts on the other. This affects your brand image negatively.
  • Not setting a reminder cap on remarketing ads is a big no. You need to create your brand image with a gentle reminder and not by forcing your audience to see your ad every time they sit down to search for something.
  • Professions where privacy plays a major factor like doctors and lawyers should not attempt at remarketing ads as it can provoke negative sentiments in your audience.

When done properly, remarketing is the best way to create a conversion rate that is much higher than the traditional marketing campaigns and is also cost-effective at the same time. However, you need to be careful while setting up remarketing display ads, check them on all networks and interfaces, and ensure that you are offering something that your audience is not already aware of.