You can find various types insurance for both businesses and individuals these days. Besides, each of them is designed for specific situation. The main goal of the insurance is protecting the insurance holder whenever something goes wrong in their life. Most of the insurance policies deal with different things like property damage or theft. There are also some insurance policies which offer protection against financial issues. If you are planning to start a business then invest in the policies, which offers you protection against financial issues.

Trade credit insurance (TCI) is the best example for it. This type of insurance provides a great safety to the businesses, when your clients fail to make the payment for the goods delivered. In simple words, they provide you protection against the unpaid invoices and bad debts. All you have to do is file your claim when your client refuses to make the payment.

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TCI Types

  • Tradeliner: This product provides extra protection for a business against political, environmental and commercial risks. Besides, this is especially for the businesses with various international interests. This is for the companies with annual turnover equal to or more than AU$7 million.
  • EasyLiner: This one is specially designed for both small and medium scale businesses operating intentionally and within Australia. If the turnover of your company falls in between AU$750,000 to $5 million then this is the one, which you should go for.
  • CGS (Coface Global Solutions): This is for the companies with much higher turnover. These companies generally operate in various countries. In simple words, they have clients in various countries. As the risk will be high such companies should choose this type of insurance.

Before choosing any insurance, the first and foremost which you have to do is take some time to understand, which one suits your requirement better. Never rush up when making your choice, otherwise you may end up choosing the wrong type of insurance. Take the help of experts if you don’t have any idea about this type of insurance.

If your client doesn’t release your payment then your insurer will try to collect the balance invoice using debt collection services. Debt collection is not easy as you think. In fact, it requires some experience for doing such things. Hence, you have to choose the insurance from the right company, to avoid facing problems in future.

How much does TCI cost?

It generally depends on industry and turnover. In simple words, it mostly depends on the revenue, which you want to get insured. It also depends on your trading history. However, this doesn’t mean that poor trading history results in higher premium price. All the factors will be taken into consideration before letting you know the price. The cost of this insurance also depends on where your clients are living.

Protect your business using the TCI now, and stay relaxed without any worries!