CBD oil took over the world years ago when people understood its medicinal benefits. Initially, it was used as a medicine for severe illnesses, but with a few regulations, FDA approved CBD oil for various products and consumption. CBD is one of the compounds out of hundred compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant.  It is mixed with other components available in the Sativa plant. So, the manufacturers extract CBD oil from the plant so that the purest form, which has all the medicinal benefits, can be used to create different products.

Amongst other compounds, CBD is extracted from the flower of the Cannabis plant.  It is blended well to form a raw paste. This extract is then mixed with a base such as a hemp oil or coconut oil.  The process and manufacturing and production of CBD oil are not as easy as it seems.

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How is CBD oil made?

Planting and cultivation of hemp plant

Initially, the ground soil is prepared for herbicides so that hemp seeds can be sowed in it. Hemp can be used for regenerative agriculture. It can be used as biomass for the soil because of all the nutrients contained in it.

Once the plant is cultivated the flowers are taken from the hemp plant because cannabinoids are found in the resin glands of the trichrome of the plant. Each crop undergoes tests and clearance by the state government just to ensure that it contains less than 0.3% THC.


The extraction process includes removing CBD from other compounds to create a useful product for ingestion and topical application. The extraction processes are different and each method gives different results.

  • Ethanol extraction is a common process used by most manufacturers. The plant is soaked in alcohol to extract CBD oil.
  • CO2 Extraction is a process where under extremely low-temperature carbon dioxide is used to extract cannabinoids. When CO2 cools and condenses, it extracts CBD oil without leaving behind any chemicals, therefore providing a safe product to use.
  • Oil Extraction is a DIY method used at home. Any oil like olive oil, coconut oil is used in which hemp plant is heated and cannabinoids are extracted.

Creation of CBD Oil

Once the purest form of CBD oil is extracted it is mixed with a carrier oil, flavoring, or essential oil. An individual cannot consume a pure and saturated form of CBD oil because it is absorbed by the liver directly before transmitting it into the bloodstream. Hence, it is mixed with flavors for edibles, the essential oil is used for topicals, and carrier oil is used for cosmetics.

Lab Testing and Packaging

All products are lab tested and certified before they are sold in the market. This is because FDA approves only those CBD products that have less than 0.3% THC. Third-party testing is done to identify between good quality and poor quality of CBD oil.

As a consumer, you should know the source of production of the plant. If you have identified the company that is right for you then stick to it.