The presence of streaming services like iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and 150 other online streaming platforms now make it possible for music makers and independent artists to sell their music online without much help. Anybody with original and authentic music can now sell music online through a distributor.

The role of a music distributor

There are many distributors involved in the music marketplace to help unsigned artists get their music heard. These music distributors help artists improve their popularity, their music ratings, expand their fan base, and help them perform globally on different tours. A music distributor plays such a huge role in the music supply chain that you barely need a record label. You can sell your music on Amazon, iTunes, and many digital stores with the interference of a big music record company.

How to sell your music on major digital platforms

You can easily get a major digital music platform like MusicDigi to help get your music on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, and many major online stores. This can be done easily by following the steps.

1). Get a good music distributor: There are many distributors like MusicDigi that have global platforms to help you market, promote, and sell your music. You only get to create a fun and catchy song while the distributor helps you to put your music on iTunes. Once signed with them, you will be needed to create an account. You will then be expected to upload the tracks and their cover art.

2). The distributor sends the music to the digital store: Once you upload your music to the portal of the distributor, they will then send your music to various online and digital stores. You can get your music to appear on major stores like iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Pandora, Deezer, and so on.

3). Receive your payments: As soon as you get your music to appear on these stores, the music will be promoted to millions of subscribers who search for new music on these stores and platforms. When they download or stream your music, you will be paid. The money is sent to your account at the end of every month. Imagine making thousands and millions from your music for just under a hundred bucks per year.

What you get when you sell your music online through a distributor

1). Access to over 150 music stores: A music distributor like MusicDigi will expose your music to millions of music fans as they publish your music on major digital platforms.

2). Make more money for less: With a minimal annual fee, you get to make a lot of money from your music.

3). Unlimited uploads: You can upload as much music as you like. The unlimited uploads make it possible for you to upload as much music as you want and make money from all of them.

4). Free UPCs: When you sell your music online through a major music distributor, you are given free UPCs.

5). Full music ownership: You get the right to all your music. This gives you 100% rights to all music published on digital platforms.

6). Make money from YouTube: The music distribution deal also means that you get to make money from YouTube.

7). Fast monthly payments: All payments are remitted monthly and are sent straight to your bank account with detailed monthly reports.