It’s important that you find a bra that fits well and feels comfortable if you like to wear one.

A bra that isn’t optimal can hurt your physical health.

For example, wires and straps that are too tight can cause skin irritation.

A bra that doesn’t provide enough support can cause problems with your posture, neck, back, and shoulders.

It is not uncommon for a bra that is too tight to discourage someone from engaging in physical activity.

The fit of your bra can also impact how comfortable your clothes fit. The fit of your bra can make you feel confident or insecure, depending on how it fits.

Find the perfect bra for you by adjusting your straps and learning about the various types.


A balconette bra is a bra that allows you to imagine your breasts looking out onto a beautiful balcony. It features a shorter cup, a horizontal top, and straps that are wider than other front fastening bras.

Coverage The balconette exposes the breasts to conceal the bra underneath low necklines.

Support The straps and underwire will provide some support, but the balconette doesn’t offer the same support as fuller cups.

Ideal For: Larger, rounder breasts with the ability to fill out the balconette’s small cups without spilling.


A bandeau is a tiny tube top. The bandeau is a small tube top that you can wear over your head. It doesn’t have any straps, cups, or hooks. This gives it a casual, comfortable look.

Coverage A bandeau covers your breasts completely, much like a tube top. The fabric ends just below your shoulders.

Support This bra provides very little support. It’s enough to hold your breasts in line if you wear it tight enough.

Ideal For: Smaller and rounder breasts.


A bralette is a stylish bra that can be worn as outerwear. You might have seen it on Instagram. These bras don’t usually have any underwires, padding, or cups and are often made of pretty, lacy fabric.

Coverage. Most bralettes provide full coverage.

Support A bralette won’t provide much support, so keep it for those times you don’t need it.

Ideal For: Smaller buses that can travel without support.


A built-in bra, as the name suggests, is a bra that has breast support integrated into clothing. This is usually found in a camisole tank.

Coverage You can expect the same coverage as a tank-top, which typically means that your breasts will be fully covered.

Support: Built-in bras don’t offer much support. Braless bras will provide slightly more support than bras with built-in cups.

Ideal For: Smaller breast sizes and slenderer breast shapes. A bra with a built-in bra may be too big for larger breasts.


Convertible bras offer multiple styles in one. The straps can be removed to make the bra unstraightened, and then reattached in various configurations such as racerback or halter.

Coverage: The coverage of a convertible bra can vary depending on the style. Having straps attached to it may allow for greater coverage.

Support: Convertible bras should be supportive. However, you may feel more supported if both straps are attached.

A convertible bra’s versatility can be a boon to anyone with any breast size or shape. A variety of styles can be combined to save money. And even if you don’t like strapless, you can always keep a convertible bra handy just in case.


Is it possible to miss the point of a bra if there are no cups? It’s not true. Take a look at yourself wearing a bra without cups and you’ll understand why it’s so worth it. This style of lingerie has a frame but very little material above the cups and nipples.

Coverage A cupless bra provides very limited coverage, but you can show off your chest.

Support Although cupless bras don’t provide much support for your breasts, they can give support to the bottom of your bust with the use of sturdy straps or underwires.

Recommended For: Some cupless bras may have a small strip of fabric covering the cup area. This is best for smaller breasts and firmer skin that can hold that fabric in place.


The cups of demi bras are lower-cut and only reach about half the height of your bust. It can be worn with a V-neck shirt or a bra cupless top.

Coverage: A demi-bra will only cover the bottom and underside of your breasts.

Support: Demi-bras can provide good support if you pay attention to the size, wiring, and straps you require.

Ideal For: Small and firm breasts, so they don’t spill over the bra’s low sides. Demi bras can lift long, sagging breasts that would otherwise appear flat under a V neck.