This is a common question; there are two types of pads: evaporative and standard swamp coolers. Each pad has its pros and cons. So that you can choose the right pad for your home, we have broken down all available pads.

Aspen pads are the best swamp cooler pads for standard swamp coolers.

Aspen Swamp Cooler Pads

Aspen pads have a higher cooling capacity than standard coolers. There are two sizes available: 1-inch and 2-inch. The more water it can absorb, the thicker the pad. Aspen pads are made from aspen fibers that have been woven together. The natural fibers of aspen hold water better inside the pads than synthetic pads. To keep your home cool, the pads must hold water and remain saturated. If your pad isn’t wet enough, hot air will be blown into your home.

What’s The Catch?

Aspen evaporative cooler pads can deteriorate over the year. Additionally, as the fibers fall apart, they can block your pump and distribution pipes. The fan will not blow hot air if the pads get wet. Hot spots can also be caused by the pads’ deterioration. Hot spots are where the pad is damaged and the fan blows hot air outside. The pads must be kept moist and saturated to maximize cooling efficiency. It is important to remember that the pads must be changed every year. This will increase cooling and prevent water from clogging your pump.

What Is The Alternative?

There is one type of pad that can be used with standard evaporative coolers. They do not have the same cooling power as the aspen pads. This type of pad is not recommended for evaporative coolers. They can easily fall apart. These pads are described in detail below.

Blue Synthetic Cooler Pads

These brightly colored, spongy pads made of synthetic material are available in bright blue. These pads are not as prone to sagging or deterioration as pen pads. They also last longer than the aspen pads. Additionally, they don’t flake and clog the water tubes or pump. They are not as able to absorb as much water as aspen pads, but they can cool down enough. Synthetic fibers are not able to retain water as well as natural aspen fibers, so they can’t cool down as much. The pads can dry because they are not able to absorb water as well. The synthetic fibers can absorb more hard water minerals than the aspen pads, which can decrease airflow. To maximize their effectiveness, the blue pads must be replaced each year.

Swamp Cooler Pads Available For Purchase

A Swamp Cooler Pad can be purchased at any home improvement shop. Professionals can usually perform maintenance and start-up of your swamp cooler.

What Is The Bottom Line?

To keep you cool and comfortable this hot summer, swamp cooler pads are essential. To prepare your swamp cooler for the season, we recommend that you replace your pads every year. This will ensure that your swamp cooler cools down on those hot summer days.